Welcome to PTA

In addition to many years of experience in designing and developing application systems, we offer our customers in-depth specialist knowledge for optimizing and stabilizing their business processes. With around 400 employees at 12 locations in Germany and Switzerland, the PTA Group provides on-site support for customer in various industries, ensuring reliable, rapid-response and cost-effective services. With the founding of DATIS IT-Services GmbH, the business segments for shop and developing standard software for the logistics sector were taken over from a service provider that had long been active in this field. As a result, we can also offer our customers managed hosting and cloud services, both in development and in live operation. Our customers include major companies and corporations in all industries, with whom we generally maintain long-term relationships. You can find selected reports on successful customer projects in the customers section.

Customer proximity and on-site cooperation

Our decentralized PTA organization with distributed locations in Germany and Switzerland enables expert customer support on site with rapid response times and, if necessary, close integration in customer projects. This leads to long-term reductions in travel costs and we are able to offer you cost-effective services.

To this day, PTA is a consultancy oriented towards organizational and IT projects in the economic regions in which our offices are based. Thanks to this regional presence, we can provide continuous on-site support to our customers or remote support from our various locations.

Our regional structure encourages long-lasting partnerships and gives us the opportunity to react very quickly and flexibly to the demands of our customers and the market.

Our locations

ISO 9001 certification

TÜV ISO 9001 Logo

Since November 30th 2015 PTA has been certified according to the internationally applicable ISO / Norm 9001, enabling us to offer our customers an even higher standard of quality. The certification process provides independent confirmation that PTA GmbH reaches the required standards in its application of quality management and therefore is a quality-oriented enterprise, and to maintain these standards the certification requires PTA GmbH to continuously monitor and improve its quality management going forward.

The decision to gain certification was based on the firm belief that using a certified quality management system we can continuously improve our processes and so achieve greater customer satisfaction.

As part of the certification all our operational processes were examined. All were found to conform to the standards required.

ISO 13485 certification

Since January 2018, the PTA has held the ISO13485 certificate in the field of medical IT. This gives us the opportunity to provide qualified services, especially in the development of medical software. From now on, PTA can offer customers who do not want to set up their own quality management system to develop the software for their medical device to create it according to PTA quality management. This makes it easier for the PTA to offer its services in the area of Health IT:

  • Consulting and organization of business processes as well as analysis, conception, development, test and implementation of software systems on behalf of customers.
  • Cross-industry professional and technical IT services along the entire software lifecycle.
  • Consulting, support and services for individual and standard software projects.

Our partnerships and memberships

Due to the growing specialization of requirements in organizational and IT projects, we increasingly operate within working committees and user groups, forums and initiatives for the industries and topics for which we provide support.

Organizational and IT projects are often so extensive and complex that collaboration with multiple partners is necessary. In addition to our willingness to work on projects constructively with other service providers selected by our customers, we have a network of partner companies that can support us when needed by providing further consultants and experts.

Furthermore, we value working together with the manufacturers of development and application systems because we want to offer our customers a broad range of experience and know-how and be able to react promptly to current developments in architecture and tools. Partnerships with leading manufacturers secure us access to up-to-date versions and beta versions and better information channels for clarification of issues or technical problems.