PTA partner beegy awarded Innovator of the Year 2018

PTA congratulates energy company on the award

More than 22,000 experts and industry representatives have committed themselves: beegy is playing a pioneering role in the field of energy & environment with regard to intelligent products, services and processes. The reward for this is the “Innovator of the Year 2018” award from the renowned business magazine brand eins.

With smart innovations to sustainable energy

Since its foundation in 2014, beegy has managed to enrich the market with groundbreaking products from the energy sector, such as the self-learning photovoltaic system with a 50 percent savings guarantee. Only recently, the Mannheim-based IoT service provider also presented its latest development in the field of e-mobility at the e-world: An intelligent charge control system which charges the electric car at home using the self-generated solar power from the photovoltaic system.

The award as Innovator of the Year 2018 is thus the reward for a well thought-out vision that aims to provide renewable, clean and affordable energy for the world of tomorrow.

Partner PTA is pleased with beegy

The partners of beegy also contribute to the company’s success by taking on different tasks, thus enabling the beegy employees to concentrate on the essentials. One of these partners is also the PTA GmbH with the team of Dr. Frank Gredel in Mannheim.

As the IT service provider for beegy, the Mannheim-based consulting company takes on software tasks in the background. “beegy has been doing valuable work in the energy sector for years. It’s great that this is now also recognised in the market and honoured with the award. A company can often only fully exploit its innovation potential if it has trustworthy partners at its side. We are all the more pleased that beegy has placed its trust in us and that the joint cooperation is working so well,” explains Dr. Tim Walleyo from the management of PTA GmbH.

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