Transport companies can tap into new market potential –
through digital distribution processes.

In July 2019, under the leadership of Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, a draft law was introduced that would give tax breaks to Job Tickets. This is intended to give employees an incentive to use public transport more often. A tax-free Job Ticket and the introduction of a lump-sum taxation are planned. This is also worthwhile for employers. Because if an entrepreneur pays his employees the Job Ticket or provides subsidies for it, it should remain tax-free.

New market potential for transport companies

This creates a market potential for transport companies that can be optimally exploited through digital distribution processes. In order to win new corporate customers for job tickets, the entire process must be digitally mapped. The PTA GmbH supports the smooth digital implementation, which makes a systematic design of customer relationship processes possible. For this purpose it is necessary to establish a CRM system that generates the data basis for building and maintaining long-term customer relationships. Transport companies thus gain a 360° view of their customers and interested parties. CRM systems are particularly powerful in this respect: they are used for planning, controlling, documenting and analysing all measures and activities in the areas of marketing, sales and customer service.

PTA GmbH supports its customers in the introduction of such systems, carries out adjustments to the standard software, implements new features and develops interfaces between the CRM system and the customer’s existing systems. Transport companies profit from three decisive advantages:

    • better marketing
      The CRM system accelerates and improves marketing planning, target group selection, campaign management, response recording and success monitoring. It enables a 360° view of B2C and B2B customers. Points programmes and coupon campaigns can also be taken into account. Such systems also have the advantage that, in the event of future challenges such as churn prevention and prediction, they often offer standard options for making long-term customer loyalty tangible. Alternative cross- and upselling potentials are also included in this process.
    • Efficient distribution
      The sales department uses the CRM system for the preparation of offers, lead generation, scheduling and task planning in public transport. The entire customer processes, in particular the sale of job tickets and combination tickets, are mapped with a 360° view of B2B customers.
    • Optimised customer service
      Individual process sequences are standardised and accelerated, the entire customer communication is documented transparently in one place and can be called up at any time. Customer relationships can be better maintained and maintained. By reacting quickly to customer needs, service is improved – customer satisfaction and sales increase.


Seamless recording of the sales process

PTA GmbH ensures the individual technical realisation and smooth implementation of the CRM system. Public transport companies benefit directly and also in the long term: New requirements and specifications can be taken into account at any time, new services can be integrated easily

Technical services of PTA GmbH

The PTA supports the recording of target processes and documents them in BPMN diagrams. On this basis, the technical requirements are defined by means of user story descriptions and agreed with the customer. In addition to the customisations in the CRM system, features that cannot be mapped by means of adjustments are also implemented programmatically. In addition, various interfaces (customer portals, point programs, variety code systems) are provided or consumed by means of RESTful Services.

Expertise of the PTA GmbH

PTA GmbH has 50 years of experience in the development of customer-oriented IT solutions – with over 3500 completed projects. PTA GmbH also has concrete project experience in the area of digitalisation of sales processes in transport companies. A reference project shows how PTA GmbH supported a transport company in mapping the process from corporate customer leads to order item numbers with a CRM system: Introduction of a CRM system for a transport association