PTA announces partnership with Data-Warehouse-
Manufacturer Snowflake known

The software and consulting company PTA from Mannheim has announced a partnership with the American software manufacturer Snowflake, which is known for its cloud-based data warehouse of the same name. The partners want to deliver joint added value for their customers in the future. PTA, with its long tradition, is supplementing its offer with additional expertise in the future technology of a purely cloud-based data warehouse. PTA’s previous experience with Snowflake is promising and the agreed partnership is a logical consequence. In this way, the joint customers will benefit from the extensive know-how of the PTA consultants in the modelling and implementation of classic database solutions combined with Snowflake’s professional expertise and technical know-how in the cloud during migrations and further developments. The processing and evaluation of large amounts of data at high speed and at acceptable costs form the basis for the use of real-time applications, data science analyses and learning AI systems. The partners aim to open up new opportunities for their customers by making extensive use of the data brought together on one platform with modern technologies.

About Snowflake

Snowflake is the first data warehouse designed from the ground up for the cloud, a data warehouse as a service. It offers users from all industries a system with the flexibility of a big data platform and the elasticity of the cloud. Snowflake requires almost no administration and can be used at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Snowflake provides centralised data storage for structured and semi-structured data, where data can also be shared between different Snowflake users. Snowflake’s software architecture has been designed with the highest security requirements in mind from the very beginning. Snowflake is a very high-performance system. The almost unlimited scalability and parallelism on any number of computing clusters, combined with low basic costs, make Snowflake a technologically and economically attractive offer on the market.

PTA and Snowflake complement each other

“We advise our customers on their future digital business and help them to implement it with technologies such as real-time reporting, artificial intelligence, big data and business intelligence,” explains Dr. Tim Walleyo, Managing Director of PTA. “The decisive raw material for these approaches is prepared and up-to-date data, which can be perfectly collected and processed with Snowflakes Data Warehouse. The partnership with Snowflake puts us in a position to offer our customers data-driven use cases from a single source”. The competencies of Snowflake and PTA complement each other: While Snowflake develops one of the most advanced data warehouse systems on the market, PTA focuses on consulting and project implementation. Snowflake’s consistent orientation towards the cloud fits in with PTA’s and is particularly attractive for medium-sized customers. They benefit from the economies of scale of large cloud infrastructures, which were previously only available to large companies. “Cloud architectures reduce the vertical integration of IT, democratise access to technology and help to reduce costs,” emphasises Lukasz Chlipala (Manager Partners & Alliances DACH + EE). “With PTA, we are gaining a partner who wants to tap this potential for its customers and who is pursuing a long-term strategy in conjunction with its sister company DATIS”.

A gain for the partner network

The partnership with Snowflake means that PTA’s customers will have more choice. “We stand by our principle of independent advice. We want to be able to choose from several good alternatives in each area. With Snowflake, we have gained another high-quality technology provider,” enthuses Dr. Andreas Schneider from PTA GmbH.

Cooperation with customers

PTA and Snowflake will independently present their joint solution offering to their existing customers, but are striving for intensive cooperation projects for selected customers in which they work closely together on consulting and implementation. Dr. Andreas Schneider says: “Our partnership should offer noticeable added value for the customers. We want them to be able to receive combined services from PTA and Snowflake as if they were from one source”.