openKONSEQUENZ: Open software for network operators

Technical article on the openKONSEQUENZ in the netzpraxis magazine

Initially started as a consortium, the openKONSEQUENZ is slowly but surely developing into a manufacturer-independent software platform for network operators. The PTA GmbH has now published an article about the open source solution in the magazine netzpraxis.

Cooperative instead of vendor lock-in

The aim of the openKONSEQUENZ is to provide network operators of water and energy with the software they require and to implement standards for open data exchange in order to jointly manage energy system transformation and digitalisation. The modular and secure software solutions are developed by independent software houses.

This results in a win-win situation for all parties involved. Grid operators invest in high-quality open source solutions, while the system houses involved are able to retain additional customers with good services and consulting.

PTA develops operating diary for openKONSEQUENZ

One of the modules already available on the openKONSEQUENZ platform is the operations diary developed by PTA. This serves as a central application for the documentation of all essential information and processes of a shift, such as entering or leaving the plants during operation.

As a member of a cooperative, PTA does not see openKONSEQUENZ at the end of its development by any means. “We have by far not yet exhausted its potential,” explains Tim Walleyo in the netzpraxis article. What is planned for the future and how the members of openKONSEQUENZ guarantee the quality of the platform can be read in the article in issue 09/2018.