PTA cooperates with data and AI specialist KENDAXA

The KENDAXA platform allows users in all industries, independent of existing systems and platforms, to use their data for intelligent analyses, forecasts and the control of corporate processes. The self-learning system uses all data available in the company – for example from communication, documentation, log and metafiles or project and production data. In addition to basic data-based services such as data pooling, data cleansing, data enrichment and data insights, the platform offers a wide range of services, including data profiling, optical recognition, intelligent robotics, data mining and analytics. Typical areas of application in companies in all industries are compliance, development, purchasing and production. As a rule, their use by customers leads to considerable improvements in efficiency and results and thus to additional economic leeway.

“Coupled with our consulting and software expertise, this cooperation enables us to pave a pragmatic path to the use of artificial intelligence, especially for our medium-sized customers,” explains Dr. Tim Walleyo, member of the PTA management board. This is made possible on the one hand because KENDAXA’s platform can be operated in the cloud as well as on-premise and customers therefore have a free choice. On the other hand, the platform uses KI quasi “under the bonnet”:  The user benefits from this without having to contribute his own or specialist know-how. Christopher Blaschke, founder and CEO of KENDAXA, adds: “The cooperation makes so much sense from the customer’s point of view also because the competencies of KENDAXA and PTA are complementary. PTA focuses on business applications and consulting, KENDAXA on data and AI.”.

This also applies to the service portfolio. In the Business Platform +, PTA offers consulting, development and services around the topic of “Digital Transformation”. “A powerful data platform with AI capabilities completes our offer, by the way, not only in the Business Platform area, but also in our ERP and CRM business. We are not changing our principle of independent consulting, but simply expanding our partner network to include a technology provider,” says Dr. Tim Walleyo happily.

Both companies will both independently address their customer base with the combined portfolio as well as work closely together on consulting, development and implementation for selected customers. Christopher Blaschke commented: “We want customers to benefit from our combined strength, and this will work best when we work hand in hand”.

The PTA consistently pursues the goal of accompanying its customers on the path to digitalisation. Based on the comprehensive approach of a Digital Business Platform (DBP+), pragmatic solutions are developed that always focus on the greatest possible customer success. Digitisation is not fundamentally new for the PTA, as it has been dealing with IT systems for decades, which not only make everyday business more effective, but above all make customers more successful in the development and marketing of their products.

KENDAXA is a company specialising in profiling, process automation and risk management, which, based on its Data Intelligence Platform [KX-DI], provides its customers in various industries with high-performance solutions to increase process stability, leverage pricing and risk strategies, avoid errors, increase sales and automate existing processes, thereby generating significant positive effects through cost reduction and productivity improvement.