Internal training series in a new format

Continuous further training and safety are a top priority at the management consultancy PTA GmbH, based in Mannheim. For example, this year’s PTA summer seminar will take place in virtual space for the first time due to the current corona pandemic on 10 July 2020. “From internal for internal” is the motto of the training event, which is offered twice a year and provides participants with interesting insights and news on digital transformation and IT and process consulting.

“Due to the current virus pandemic, we decided without further ado to hold our internal training series for the 2020 summer seminar virtually. The security of our employees takes precedence, especially since our IT infrastructure is designed to easily switch from present lectures to online mode,” explains the management of the management consultancy PTA GmbH, the new orientation of the advanced training seminar.

Of course, this does not detract from the quality of the training series. This summer there will once again be numerous specialist lectures and sessions, which the PTA experts have created in order to keep up to date with the latest developments in digitalisation, IT and process consulting. After a short welcome round, the participants will start into parallel virtual sessions via Microsoft teams. There they simply select the topic that is of particular interest to them and their department.

Supporting programme provides a broad range of topics
The range of specialist topics is correspondingly wide. In their session entitled “Containers see land”, Simon Reis and Dimitrios Chalepakis, Wolfgang Ruh and Andreas Haupt, for example, provide insights into the importance of using containers to “package” applications in software development. From various perspectives, the speakers will show how containers can be used to automate the construction of test systems and what effects the operation of applications in the cloud has on their design.

But the PTA experts will also not ignore the topic of failure. A software project can always go wrong. Therefore, when introducing standard software, it is always worth taking a close look at the course of the project. Speaker Matthias Hoffmann is convinced of this in his session “Beautiful failure”. He pursues the question of whether incidents and experiences can be generalised and valuable recommendations for action and inspiration can be derived from them to bring IT projects in general to a successful conclusion.

The lifecycle of software solutions is the focus of the third session, which Florian Schuler offers under the title “Sunset in the lifecycle of applications”. Every IT solution either runs out at some point or is completely replaced. Such a replacement can take place in a big bang or through gradual re-engineering. The session conveys how important it is to make the transition from the familiar to the new both productive and pragmatic. In order to do this, it is essential that project managers meet with the stakeholders involved and follow process guidelines. Schuler uses a practical example to illustrate selected aspects of the final phase of the application life cycle.

On-site meetings and face-to-face meetings between employees and with partners, customers and service providers are severely restricted in times of corona. Many companies are looking for a quick and easy solution for audio and video calls, as well as community maintenance. Reason for the speaker Albert Buck to sound out the possibilities of the new forms of communication in his session “Introduction of Yammer & Teams” and to share his experiences, which should be taken into account when introducing the two tools.

An important part of the seminars is and remains the social component, even if this cannot be maintained directly on site this year due to the corona situation. For this reason, the virtual supporting programme of this year’s PTA summer seminar will be accompanied by coffee and lounge sessions, in which colleagues from the various offices will exchange views in chat, clarify open questions about the course of the seminar or simply chat together.

Outlook of the management completes the programme
At the end of the virtual seminar series, Managing Directors Peter Fischer, Matthias Wossidlo and Dr. Tim Walleyo will give a detailed overview of the current situation of the entire PTA Group. They not only shed light on the market environment, but also present their summary of completed projects and give an outlook on planned measures.