Dr. Tim Walleyo explains how video avatars and AI are revolutionizing customer service

PTA IT Consulting is a guest at CIO ROUNDTABLE Heidelberg, the exclusive CIO network in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. Managing Director Dr. Tim Walleyo will use the exclusive platform to show IT managers how companies are revolutionizing their customer service with the use of video avatars and artificial intelligence during a presentation at the evening event on June 23, 2022. The CIO ROUNDTABLE Heidelberg is a locally organized and protected space for IT managers to exchange views on relevant topics in business IT in a discreet and vendor-neutral manner. The CIO ROUNDTABLE Heidelberg meets regularly at the SeeHotel in Ketsch, with the evening event starting at 6:30 pm.

A milestone on the way to the digital business office
A digital consulting assistant is an interactive component that can be customized, no matter what products or services are to be offered with it. Its fields of application are almost unlimited. In his presentation, Tim Walleyo will show which application scenarios and advantages are opened up by such an assistant, which technologies will shape the customer service of tomorrow, which requirements digital channels in customer service must fulfill, and how personalized video avatars can be planned for specific applications. If such a project is implemented strategically, companies will find themselves in the comfortable position of being able to optimally present offers and advisory videos depending on the customer segment and to define individual marketing or service activities for them. Access to the virtual assistant is easy and intuitive. A prospective customer simply enters the consulting room via his browser and receives a recommendation or instruction tailored to his needs.

Learning avatars are much more than just a chatbot
A digital, interactive video consulting assistant does much more than a chatbot or an explainer video. The targeted, segmented approach creates emotional closeness and trust. This can be done by professional actors, a company spokesperson or even an artificial avatar. This is how customer service works today. And when an avatar is used, nothing stands in the way of the rapid cross-border use of such a solution. This is because the avatar learns all the necessary languages in the blink of an eye. AI, Deep Learning and specially created scripts are used to make avatars speak text content in videos. The avatar itself is either generically human in origin or can be modeled after a real person. Best of all, the spoken content can be generated multilingually within a short period of time using machine translation technology. This makes a video consulting assistant unbeatably flexible, easily accessible and also scalable.

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