Further training

We develop your potentials

The PTA stands for proximity and competence. A constant transfer of knowledge and open interaction with one another are the hallmarks of our company.

Further training is not only a duty for us, but an existential basis

Our customers appreciate PTA because of its personality(s) and reliable teams. The prerequisites for this are:


  • Well-founded expertise,
  • Practical methodical know-how,
  • Social competence and
  • Goal-oriented communication.

We train you individually, because 08/15 solutions are not PTA style

Individual personality development and further professional qualification are part of our personnel development strategy.

We do not train you “on the shelf”, but in a targeted and practical manner. Our seminars and training courses are based on existing qualifications, customer-specific requirements and the respective project. Whenever possible, we want to take your interests and goals into account.

We want you to get better

ON THE JOB TRAININGS with customer-specific training, job rotation, job enlargement, supra-regional project assignments, stays abroad, relocation, targeted and structured “on-boarding”.

OFF THE JOB TRAININGS with workshops, empowered by experienced colleagues, coaching, training, online training.

FURTHER QUALIFICATION through support for certifications, training courses, part-time studies, self-study, distance learning.

Our company seminars promote this

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Seminare 2018

Seminare 2017

Seminare 2016

Seminare 2015

Seminare 2014

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