WLB – Balance between life and performance

Or: Family and career belong together

The level of performance and motivation of the PTA staff is high, but the life pictures vary and usually change over time.

We therefore understand work-life balance as the ability of each individual to achieve a balance between work and private life.

Internal and external networking - (Experiencing) PTA

The PTA organises company-wide events and events for its employees. We promote networking within the company and beyond.

We wish for self-initiative according to your inclinations and friends through common experiences in sports, culture and music.

PTA structures support diversity in life and work

The PTA supports the free and independent organisation of the working day by


  • a flexible working time model,
  • regional customer deployments and
  • the continuous development of modern IT workplaces (virtual desktops, possibility of “home office”).

PTA is a family business that combines human values and customer-oriented performance. We live flat structures and maximum readiness to help for a fast speed of action in the interest of our customers and employees.

We dispense with hierarchical organisations or titles and instead concentrate our energy on our clients and projects.

The PTA applies the lived principle of “leadership through competence”. This means that every employee can contribute independently according to his or her possibilities and continuously expand and pass on his or her skills.

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