1. Preamble

Since its foundation in 1969, PTA IT-Beratung has established a Code of Conduct in the course of its corporate and organizational development, which will continue to provide all employees at all branches, locations and work environments with a clear understanding of nationally and internationally recognized environmental, labor and social standards.

It is the declared goal of PTA and its shareholders that all activities and services contributing to the business success of PTA are based on these values and that all employees, managers and stakeholders are aware of these fundamentally important values and guidelines, live them and act accordingly.

These principles and values guide PTA’s actions in dealing with its business partners (in the sense of customers, suppliers and partner companies), other interested parties and all affiliated companies within the PTA Group. They shall be consistently implemented in the cooperation as far as it is within PTA’s sphere of influence. PTA reserves the right to review the compliance of its business partners with the Code of Conduct in order to intervene if necessary or to offer to support them in fulfilling the requirements of this Code of Conduct.


2. Data protection, confidentiality, secrecy

The protection and guarantee of confidentiality of our customers’ data forms the basis for a trusting cooperation.

As a matter of principle, all PTA employees have signed an explicit confidentiality agreement. This agreement creates the obligation to protect and keep secret any confidential, personal and internal company information and, in particular, business and trade secrets that become known to them in the course of their work for PTA or for one of PTA’s customers.

Confidential data includes in particular all contractual performance results such as program and source codes, documentation, data, data extracts and databases, surfaces, samples, drafts as well as drawings.

In particular, all employees have undertaken not to make this information, which has become accessible in the course of their work, directly or indirectly available to third parties – i.e. non-participating contractual partners (*) – or to exploit it in any other way.

In addition to this protection of company and business secrets, the management as well as the employees undertake to protect personal data in compliance with the GDPR by means of current technical and organizational measures.

The only exception to the above obligations is the disclosure of data and other information due to legal provisions or court or official orders. In these cases, the other contracting party must be notified immediately in writing of any disclosure, stating the content and scope.

(*) Involved contracting parties are usually the Customer and the PTA.


3. Environmental, labor and social standards

PTA and all business partners undertake to conduct their business activities in an ethical, legal and responsible manner and to align their business activities with the following value standards:

  • Recognizing human rights and ensuring appropriate working conditions for all employees.
  • Minimizing the impact on the environment
  • Employing high ethical and moral business standards


4. Human rights & working conditions & employees

PTA expects all business partners to recognize, support and ensure compliance with the “United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights” (UDHR).

PTA and all business partners ensure that the working environment (machinery, equipment, work processes, etc.) does not endanger the physical integrity or health of people.

The workplace and its surroundings must have suitable emergency exits, sanitary facilities, fire protection, lighting, office equipment. In addition, care must be taken to protect non-smokers.

It goes without saying that child labor or forced labor are absolutely taboo for PTA as well as for our business partners and would lead to the immediate termination of the cooperation.

Neither PTA nor its business partners will allow discriminatory measures that could harm tolerance and acceptance for the diversity of all people (for example skin color, gender, religious belief, political conviction, age, national, social or ethnic origin, family obligations) and cause exclusion, insults or other negative effects.

All business partners guarantee not to pay salaries or wages below the respective legally applicable minimum wage regulations. This also includes the fair compensation of overtime and the observance of required recovery times for breaks and vacations in order not to endanger the safety and health of the employees.


5. Environment

PTA is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. In the sense of the CIP (continuous improvement process) required therein, it is also a concern of PTA to develop existing energy saving potentials and to promote energy-saving behavior.

It is a basic principle for PTA and its business partners to observe all applicable laws and regulations for the protection of the environment within the scope of their business activities.

When handling waste or any hazardous materials, their safe handling, reuse or disposal must be ensured. Processes to reduce waste and a sustainable use of resources are to be promoted at all times.

PTA and its business partners confirm that all products delivered for PTA are compliant with the EU Directive 2011/65 RoHS and the Ordinance on Electrical and Electronic Equipment (ElektroStoffV). The products and packaging comply with the REACh Regulation of the European Council (EC) No. 1907/2006, are not included in the affected list and are free of prohibited substances according to the Regulation. Otherwise, a list of affected products indicating the restriction will be attached. In addition, the WEEE Directive (Waste of Electrical and Electronical Equipment – EU Directive 2012/19/EU) is observed. Furthermore, it is confirmed that the respective raw material suppliers do not import materials such as gold, tantalum, tin, tungsten ore from conflict regions, e.g. Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and act in accordance with the Dodd-Frank Act Section 1502.


6. Ethical and moral business standards

PTA requires itself and its business partners to comply with applicable legal requirements at the national and international level in all business activities and to comply with applicable anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws and regulations in all its business activities.

As part of its organization and management culture, PTA has established guidelines that govern the internal handling of gifts, invitations or the granting of other benefits.


7. Language, equality & diversity

Since language has a very great influence on the way we interact with each other, we would like to express our point of view and our self-image at this point, without demanding binding standards.

The culture of the PTA has always been and will always be gender-responsive, equal opportunity and generally non-discriminatory. Any indication or incident that violates the aforementioned principles will be investigated, countered if necessary, and sanctioned.

In this context, gender equality in the sense of equal opportunities and also securing the future is an explicit self-image of our corporate policy.

The freedom of personality of each individual and employee is protected. However, freedom of opinion and an open culture of discussion, debate and error are also essential features of our company.

Consequently, we leave it up to all employees to freely choose his/her language, taking into account our non-discriminatory and gender-neutral culture. We recommend that language be adapted in line with social changes in our communication and writing habits.

In concrete terms, this means that we all aim to be sensitive to the following when addressing people in lectures, presentations and texts,

  • Making gender visible (in the sense of colleague or just colleague:in),
  • To ensure symmetry in the sense of balance, as well as
  • In case of doubt, to use gender-neutral terms.

However, this also means showing mutual tolerance and composure as maxims of our actions. Thus, the collegial and tolerant cooperation of our company has been an essential success factor since its foundation.


8. Giving advice and consequences

All business partners as well as employees of the group of companies have the possibility to submit or make known reports about grievances – if desired anonymously – online, in writing or also in a personal conversation.

The confidentiality of the whistleblower is, of course, protected. The official complaints office and the management are responsible for receiving and following up on reports.

Anonymous hints can be submitted internally using this form (click here) or made generally accessible via this link on the homepage (submit hints).


In the event of a recognized violation of this Code of Conduct, the PTA reserves the right to address the business partner, issue a warning and set a reasonable deadline for remedial action.

If the business partner allows the deadline to expire without remedial action or if there are repeated violations, the contractual relationship may be terminated without notice.

Further rights, in particular a possible claim for damages, shall remain unaffected.


> Note: All personal designations are to be understood as gender-neutral in case of doubt <