Our philosophy

Customer orientation is the basis of the PTA organization. Customer orientation is more than just a buzzword for us – at PTA all structures, processes and guidelines are geared to our customers. Management, sales, central services, our employees and project managers focus on your customer projects. 12 locations allow for spatial and professional customer proximity.

Our values


  • Owner-managed multigenerational company
  • Independence from manufacturers and financial markets
  • Optimal advice and support
  • Highest flexibility and dynamics

Compliance and sustainability

  • Determining the regulatory and other legal requirements for our processes and products and ensuring traceability
  • Conscious awareness of our social, ecological and economic responsibility for sustainable development, but also the conservation of all resources


  • Efficient support through sound knowledge of business processes, software tools and standard solutions
  • As complete as possible solutions for the customer-specific hardware and software strategies
  • Over 3,000 successfully completed projects – none unfinished
  • Personal contact persons
  • Long-term employment of our employees, so that our customers can build a basis of trust in “their” PTA teams

Future competence

  • Continuous and project-related personnel qualification for future market requirements
  • Comprehensive consulting for the customer in all questions of information and communication technology and organization
  • Comprehensive technical know-how that is always up to date
  • Implementation of improvement potentials resulting from ideas of our customers, partners and employees in terms of continuous improvement