To support the business procedures of our clients as efficient and reliable as possible, the PTA GmbH has constructed, next to the development of individual-software-systems, comprehensive competences for the selection, introduction, extension and the ongoing service of SAP systems. Logical tasks from the purchasing department, the production, the marketing and the quality management as well as requirements in the finance and accounting and in the controlling, especially in the project-controlling, will have an expert and competent support and will be established with the fitting applications from the SAP Business Suite. In addition to that a meaningful reporting will be conceived and implemented through SAP BW or BI and Business Objects.

We also implement national and international roll-outs based on Templets or already established implementations in affiliated- and fellow-companies as well as  the integration of single landing systems for example through ALE or RFC, to achieve an efficient and smooth usage of your standard-software-systems.

Amongst others we support the introduction of SAP ERP systems through the following services:

  • Customizing of the standard functions
  • Prototyping of business-processes
  • Conception, customizing and realization of functions and vouchers
  • Conception and realization of Interfaces
  • Coaching of client-employees as well as of the IT- and specialized departments
  • Advice during the fusion or separation of ERP-Systems
  • Advice for migrations or provider changes

We already advice you during the decision phase for a standard-software-system by comparing SAP-solutions to applications from competitors or by contrasting the alternative of an ontogeny in a Make-or-By-Analysis.

Thereby the following emphases will be considered:

  • Inclusion of the business goal
  • Derivation of the requirements to the IT-support
  • Analysis of the used application systems
  • Evaluation of the fulfilling from the requirements
  • Preparation of proposed solutions
  • Definition of the project goals and technically requirements
  • Derivation of the organization-, data- and functional models
  • Design of the to support business-processes
  • Preparation of the requirements catalog
  • Investigation of the software-alternatives
  • Evaluation of the alternatives
  • Decision-advice
  • Conception and realization of functions, vouchers and interfaces
  • Coaching of the client-employees
  • Migration and fusion of ERP-Systems
  • Realization of interfaces
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