Short description:

The customer modernizes its company-wide authentication system based on biometric data. As a result, essential access mechanisms are changing in order to make the information managed by the system accessible to other central systems of the company for the purpose of assigning and checking authorizations. The project serves to adapt the system interfaces used to ensure the continued smooth exchange of data between the systems involved. In addition, specific administrative operations will be optimized in order to minimize manual intervention in administrative processes, improve the quality of their implementation and thus reduce administrative costs.


The previously used data exchange of the IT systems involved via a secure database interface is no longer possible due to security-related further developments of the biometrics solution. Instead, access options are offered via special web services. In addition, enhanced functionalities are offered to simplify administration tasks. Previously existing IT interfaces between the biometrics solution and the central authorization system will be adapted as part of the project to take account of the changed conditions and possibilities. Furthermore, these interfaces will be technologically modernized and made future-proof through a conversion from classic .NET 4.x to .NET 6.

Technical description:

The implementation of the project tasks ensures that the existing integration between the company's central authentication and authorization mechanisms continues to function smoothly. In addition, previously time-consuming process steps in the context of IT user creation and deactivation/activation will receive significantly better technical support. In this respect, a reduction in administration costs is expected, along with a minimization of the potential for errors caused by manual process steps.