Short description:

The planning and budgeting process for new construction and maintenance work on the gas and hydrogen pipeline network is supplemented by the provision of further service specifications and realistically supported with the negotiated prices of the suppliers. In addition, this can be used to place orders or invitations to tender with suppliers that are adapted to the customer's ordering process.


The Windows component of the overall system is developed on the basis of WPF and C#. The goals of the realisation are the possibility of offline operation, a high degree of configurability and user-friendliness geared to the user group. Various secondary calculations (gas losses during construction, excavation calculation, etc.) are therefore integrated into the software. The SAP component exports existing standard services from various suppliers to the Windows component, imports calculations created there and transforms them into SAP purchase orders or tenders for suppliers.

Technical description:

For budgeting purposes, calculations are needed for the short-, medium- and long-term construction measures required for the gas and hydrogen pipeline network. In order to create these calculations comprehensively and with realistic values, framework contract data with the suppliers and, if not available, prices provided by the purchasing department are stored. Up-to-dateness is ensured by daily comparison with the SAP system.