Short description:

The customer as metering point operator is at the center of market communication and is responsible for the star-shaped distribution of metered values and energy quantities. The processes for determining and sending the data are continuously adapted and completed.


Since Market Communication 2020, the metering point operator has been deployed as the central role for sending market messages. The determination of the relevant dates and market partner information takes place in the central master data application, the query and preparation of the data for dispatch in the customer's own MaKo service, which retrieves the measured and calculated values from a metering data system. The master data application and the MaKo service are programmed with .NET code and have SQL databases as their basis.

Technical description:

The project includes the following tasks: ensuring that meter readings are sent out when metering points are commissioned, sending out meter reading market messages in accordance with adapted specifications from the specialist department, implementing a uniform cancellation process for internal and external data supply, and maintaining, determining and displaying meter reading dates in the master data application and processing these dates in the MaKo service. In addition, regular status meetings are held to coordinate the progress of the project, and support is provided for testing and successive go-live. After completion, the project is handed over to the customer's internal IT department for further support in day-to-day business and user training.