Short description:

In the course of the market communication 2020, the metering point operator has the central role in the metering data collection and in the sending of the data according to the specifications of the BDEW. In addition to the role of metering point operator, the customer also occupies the role of supplier and therefore also requires the master and metering data in the metering data system.


The customer's central master data application is responsible for maintaining and distributing the master data to the adjacent customer-owned systems. This is done using a specially created object via the internal Biztalk system. For the supplier role, master data such as metering point information and communication data are required in Robotron's metering data system. The adaptation of the objects to be exchanged, their filling with the master data and the transfer are programmed with .NET code. Data processing is carried out using SQL databases.

Technical description:

In this project, the coordination of the adjustments in the master data system for the master data objects for business partners and metering points as well as their processing in the standard Robotron software is carried out. This project requires the coordination of the specific implementation requirements in cooperation with the specialist department, the customer's internal IT department and the contacts for the metering data system. This is followed by the acceptance test and handover to the IT department for further support in day-to-day business.