Short description:

Implementing the migration of acquisition data from central data storage on a mainframe to decentralized data storage on a PC, as well as enhancing the program functions in an agency management and information system. In addition to being imported, all the relevant customer data is also reconciled with the existing PC database.


The user interfaces for data entry are implemented in Delphi. The programs needed for migration and the business process logic are developed with MS Visual C++. A Sybase Adaptive Server 7 database is responsible for local or decentralized data storage.

Technical description:

Fast access to all customer data that is significant to acquisition forms a core foundation in the sales and distribution process and in customer support. To ensure this fast access, one prerequisite is that all the necessary data has to be transferred from the central data storage to the local data storage for agency management and information system. In addition, there must be a suitable application that enables users to easily enter all the information necessary for maintaining customer contacts. The agency management and information system represents the leading system for customer contacts.