Short description:

Development of a new software for dock- and yard-management. The software should provide an efficient use of all resources needed for loading and unloading. In order to do this information from adjacent systems are concentrated, processed and as a result resources are being assigned. Those assignments can be done in a manual mode or supported by an semi-automatic process. Additionally users in the field can use the system from an android based mobile device.


A WPF client application, a webservice with http interface and the related data base model in the central ERP system are designed and realized within this project. The WPF client (.Net Framework 4.7.2 with MahApps.Metro 1.6.5 UI) communicates via HTTP / JSON with the backend webservice (.Net Core 3.1). Application data is stored in the ERP. Additional data sources include other ERP modules and external systems from logistics branch.

Technical description:

In order to make the loading and unloading processes efficient, the necessary processes should be coordinated and minimized. To achieve this, it is necessary on the one hand to keep the distances covered short using suitable key figures and on the other hand to prevent waiting times. By combining the information from the various systems involved in the higher-level process of goods receipt/issue, well-founded decisions can be made on the distribution of resources.