Short description:

The project team cares for the 2nd-level-support for 23 Clarify-CRM-systems in Western Europe and South Africa. The tasks include data imports, error management for interfaces, incident management, upgrades and support for projects. Since 01.01.2014 also support of MS CRM and MS BizTalk.


The following modules of the Clarify eFrontOffice are used: ClearSupport, ClearHelpdesk, ClearLogistics, ClearCallCenter, ClearSales, Policies and Customers and Product Manager. The Clarify systems are implemented with interfaces to a data warehouse, SAP-systems, a global Clarify-system for complaint management, a reference systems for global enterprise data, a central customer management system, external Call-Center-services, CTI-applications, MS Word and MS Outlook.

Technical description:

The Clarify applications cover help desks for diagnostic equipment and laboratory systems. This is the basis for service management and accounting.