Short description:

At a large retail company, a client-server application developed by the customer is used to match supplier invoices for drop shipments with agreed purchase prices stored in the master data. The application offers the specialist departments extensive intervention and correction options as part of an integrated workflow system and is maintained and further developed by PTA developers in collaboration with developers from the customer.


The supported application is designed as a classic client-server system with Tomcat servers (including load balancing) and DB2 databases as backend, as well as a client side implemented partly with JSP, partly with Angular, which runs in the browser. It is embedded in an extensive system landscape of the customer, which maps all different stages of the billing process. The most important component supplied by the application is the document archive, which is used by SAP as a central source for billing. The development process is carried out in an agile team using Scrum in three-week sprints. In addition to maintenance and further development, support activities also fall within the PTA's remit.

Technical description:

The object of the maintained and further developed application are invoices, which suppliers invoice to the customer for drop shipments to full-range stores of the customer and affiliated stores of merchants. The invoices are not checked on the spot in the retail store, but subsequently by comparing the supplier invoices against purchase prices and conditions stored in the master data. If discrepancies are detected, the application under consideration automatically initiates a workflow and distributes the clarification to assigned departments. Corrective actions such as cancellations, credit memos or subsequent claims can be executed or initiated in the application. The forwarding of the checked supplier invoices to the subsequent procedures and to SAP is also part of the functional scope of the application, as is the maintenance of relevant supplier and article master data.