Short description:

The JiraDataSync PlugIn provides a synchronization solution between the SpiraTeams ALM platform and the Attlassian JIRA ticket system. After the professional training, the installation, configuration and functional test of the plug-in (as part of the Spira-DataSync plug-in from Inflectra), the limitations and potential of the tool were determined and documented in an explorative manner.


The synchronization plug-in (JiraDataSync) is intended to ensure data reconciliation in order to optimize cooperation and the flow of information between the two systems. The plugin enables the bidirectional synchronization of different item types such as user stories, incidents and other relevant elements that are managed in both systems. It ensures that changes and updates to these items are synchronized in real time and automatically between SpiraTeams (version 7.5) and JIRA (Cloud). This ensures a consistent and reliable database by avoiding potential inconsistencies or data loss. The plug-in also offers extended functions for quality assurance and verification. It allows the definition of specific monitoring rules and automated workflows to ensure that the synced data conforms to the defined standards.

Technical description:

The aim of the project is to achieve smooth cooperation, improved transparency and optimized project control between the tools. In this way, the respective strengths of the tools can be used and additional effort through manual transfer can be reduced. Synchronization includes not only the transfer of content and attributes, but also the management of links, dependencies and relationships between the individual elements. This ensures full data integrity and facilitates team member interaction.