Short description:

Standard-Software is used by power dispatchers and short term traders for an overview over current power production, current energy prices and further parameters of power production. A solver computes the optimal power production which is sent to grid operators.


Data is imported and exported as time series via a middleware. The power production landscape is modelled in the application as an object model with classes and attributes. The time series are attributes to the objects and there are calculations done on them. The responsibility of PTA in this project is implementation of enhancements and change requests concerning the time series, the exports and imports, the calculations and the reports.

Technical description:

The application shows to the day ahead power trader which power units are in the money, which units he can run to profitably sell power. To this purpose the current power prices, the power units' availabilities and their individual costs are modelled. For the dispatcher, the application calculates how the power units should be run to produce the appointed power volume.