Short description:

The customer uses a diverse set of applications. There are self-developed applications as well as commercial software. The task was to assist the customers support department. This includes supporting users and coordination of communication between software vendours and the actual users, when updates, bugfixes or new software products are introduced.


The supported applications perform applicant management, idea management or management of employee premiums, among others. Customers receive IT technical support with handling errors, analysis of change requests and also for the introduction of new systems. Tasks range from recording and tracking errors in ticket systems of various manufacturers and the customer, through to planning updates and new products, and installing them.

Technical description:

The supported applications run under Windows and Linux operating systems, including both RedHat environments as well as Windwos Server 2008 - 2019. Whereas MSSQL, MySQL and Oracle are employed on data base side, the coordination and control of service activities is carried out using ServiceNow. Remote access and support occur mainly via Bomgar (Beyond Trust Remote Support) while documentation tasks are performed in Jira Confluence which forms the basis of the customer-internal Wiki,