Short description:

The main goal of this project is to reduce test efforts significantly while increasing the test quality. At the same time, the initial hurdle for new team members is to be lowered in order to keep the test automation solution maintainable and productive over the long term. The PTA is responsible for the project conception and implementation as well as for the technical evaluation of the tools.


A fully integrated solution which is managed via test cases in SpiraTeam is being created. A RPA tool is being started during the time-initiated execution, which both starts and operates the export-generating application and integrates the corresponding evaluation software to check formats, contents and worksheets. Not only the corresponding test result is being returned to the ALM tool as 'Passed/Failed', but also the corresponding error report is being transferred. In case of an error, the cause of the failure can be determined very quickly.

Technical description:

The formal and content verification of reports and exports (*.csv or *.xlsx) is a very time-consuming repetitive activity. With increasing report size, it is not possible to ensure efficient and error-free work by human staff. By simulating a human tester and possibility to transfer 'variables' from one application to another, the expected values of the reports can be provided in a machine readable form. Due to easy handling, not only the execution time of the test cases could be reduced by 90%, but also the effort for development and maintenance is comparable to efforts for creating manual test cases.