Short description:

In an existing logistics environment of an internationally operating food retailer, frequently recurring processes are automated. This includes the dispatch of orders. Currently, orders are sent to the respective partners (suppliers, hauliers) manually. In the future, order dispatch is to be automated. This automation will reduce both the expenses and the susceptibility to errors on the user side.


The existing logistics application is a .NET C# client application with primary frontend Infragistics 16.2 (partly also WPF) and an Oracle 19c DB in the background which is connected to different systems with several interfaces (e.g. web service, DB links and Oracle Advanced Queuing). The PTA-Projectteam takes over tasks in requirements analysis, user story creation, implementation of these requirements in C#, WPF, and PL/SQL and performs upstream tests. In addition, it supervised the rollout process of the application, supports testing at the customer site, and provides support. In other words, it supervises the entire software development process.

Technical description:

The current order dispatch to the respective partners in the central logistics application is to be automated for certain constellations (the control takes place in the application). This change (from manual to automatic) can only take place if two important processes/validations are carried out in advance. These upstream processes are the automatic restriction check and the automatic contact determination. As soon as both processes have been successfully checked, the order dispatch runs automatically. In both processes, master data or order data is imported into the logistics application via the respective interfaces. As soon as the imported data has been successfully checked (contact data is available and valid or the prescribed restrictions regarding the order data have been complied with), the automatic order (the commissioning of the forwarding agents and suppliers with the delivery) takes place. Orders that cannot be carried out automatically are marked with a traffic light symbol.