Short description:

Extension of an individually developed bottleneck management system with automation routines, which relieve the user of monotonous tasks. The automation process is started as soon as changes to the material contingent are provided from the SAP R/3 system.


The bottleneck management system was already developed a few years ago by PTA GmbH, as a WPF client based on .Net 4.6.2 in C#. Until now, all business functionalities were started from the application itself and only general functions from a library were used. By rebuilding the application architecture and separating parts of the business logic into a library, it is now possible to start the automation from the application and via interfaces. The automation call is triggered from an interface application, which is responsible for updating the contingent data changes from SAP R/3.

Technical description:

The bottleneck management system is part of an order entry system from which the maintained information in the ordering process is taken. Contingent changes in SAP can result in material-related rationing or cancellation in the ordering process, initiate rescheduling and trigger other activities. The goal of automation is to detect defined changes in conditions and then initiate the corresponding function. As a result, the bottleneck management acts closer to the current stocks and saves the user repetitive, monotonous activities.