Short description:

The SAP process for starting and executing the dunning run is to be automated. Transaction - Dunning for starting the dunning run manually should no longer be triggered manually by the user. In the future, the dunning run should be carried out automatically via a job once a week (Fridays at 4:00 p.m.). In addition, a log should be created after the dunning run, which should contain the following information: Serial identification number and Overview of how many reminders were created and sent how many dunings need to be mailed.


A new customer-specific table is created in order to continuously increment the identification number. It only contains the fields company code and the current consecutive identification number. The starting point of the identification number can be determined via table maintenance. Since the identification number should be incremented automatically, it was created with the data type NUMC length 6. The table should always contain only one table entry. The user can save the starting point for the identification number here. With the start oft the report, the identification number is increased by 1. The framework program consists of two parts: A sub-program for scheduling the dunning selection/dunning run. Two authorization objects have been adjusted for this. The second part sends the reminders as an email.

Technical description:

The framework program is called up. This contains the program for the selection of the reminder. The dunning selection is the prerequisite for dunning printing. After the technical development has been completed, a job is scheduled to run once a week. The department should have carried out the preparatory measures for the dunning run before the run. The department is informed about the dunning run. For this purpose, the framework program generates an Excel list in which the number of debtors dunned and the distribution of the dunning sent via e-mail and post are listed and sent to the department.