Short description:

In order to reduce the time and errors involved in the larger monthly booking process, the master data system is being expanded to include the automation of monthly billing for alarm services. To this end, the current manual procedures are analyzed and it is determined which existing system components can be used for automation and which new functionalities need to be implemented. These will then be used in a new process to implement automation.


The master data system is an internal .NET solution with an MS SQL Server connection and a BizTalk communication interface to the SAP systems, in which all booking processes take place. The monthly billing of alarm services is only partially automated. Data retrieval from external systems or external SQL servers, the generation of billing and posting records, as well as checking for completeness and correctness and other processes require an employee to initiate them. To make this process less time-consuming and less error-prone, a process is implemented that automatically triggers the current manual steps. Existing system components are adapted or newly implemented for this purpose. New components, such as process control, are also added to the master data system.

Technical description:

The billing of alarm services is a task that recurs monthly and currently requires a lot of manual work. However, automating this process makes sense, as it always has a consistent processing structure. On the one hand, automation makes it possible to process the tasks faster, as no interaction by an employee is necessary, and on the other hand, the susceptibility to errors can be reduced by adding methods for checking.