Short description:

The customer operates a cloud-based application for maintaining events that cause a power plant outage or power reduction. This application is being optimized and further developed as part of the project. PTA creates the high-level roadmap for further development on the basis of work packages and is responsible for recording, coordinating and preparing the business requirements. Furthermore, PTA supports the customer in the creation and execution of acceptance and regression tests as well as the creation of training documents and the implementation of end user training.


To record and clarify the user requirements, PTA conducts interviews with the international user groups and those responsible for trade compliance. PTA then develops various options, including an assessment of the technical implementation based on these requirements and compliance guidelines as a basis for decision-making, which are presented to the client's core team for a decision. PTA creates the user stories for development from the agreed option. Parallel to development, PTA supports the customer in the creation of acceptance and regression tests and organizes the joint execution of the tests with the customer. In addition, PTA creates multilingual training documents and conducts user training sessions with the international user groups. Work is organized in Azure DevOps, from the collection of requirements to the creation of user stories and development through to the creation and execution of test cases.

Technical description:

When events occur that have an impact on the performance of a power plant, prompt reports must be made to the (trading) public to ensure the greatest possible transparency. To this end, all stakeholders involved in power plant operation need an adequate and efficient system for maintaining and viewing these events.