Short description:

The application is used internationally at several locations to monitor the efficiency of several production plants. The goal is to migrate the existing MS-DOS-Pascal technology to a web-based 3-tier architecture and platform in order to provide users worldwide with a user-friendly intranet application with convenient further processing and evaluation of data. This has been done since 2005. Since then, the application has been maintained and extended.


Porting the data flat files to a relational Oracle database that acts as the central database. Converting and migrating the old data. Mapping the complex calculation routine with a larger degree of calculational precision (code analysis). These routines are mapped in PL/ SQL because the program sequence is almost 1:1. Creating the dialogs with Java and the Struts framework as the browser interface. All list tasks are provided as Excel files for individual processing and saving.

Technical description:

The graphics are output in a client Excel template for individual layout. Additionally, a data interface is developed to the process control systems for the various plants, in order to automate the copying of measured values.