Short description:

To provide support for the digitization of correspondence, MS Office templates in the company are automatically assigned unique document numbers in the form of barcodes. This marking is used to clearly identify documents in the central document management system used. A new client is added to the existing system.


The overall system - consisting of SQL Server database with corresponding functionalities / technical storage structures and matching MS Office templates with VBA code - is set up on a separate IT environment for another division. The system, which was built by PTA to a significant technical extent, is transferred to a new system environment within the scope of the project and adapted to the functional / technical requirements of the division.

Technical description:

For MS Office documents, unique document numbers are generated and stored in an SQL Server database according to defined nomenclature. When Office documents are created on the basis of company templates, these identifications are represented as barcodes. This methodology, which has been successfully established for several years, is being made available to another area of the company. In this way, the digitization of correspondence is to be supported.