Short description:

Restructuring part of the nightly batch processing to avoid business-critical situations if a specific section of the job stream fails. Batch processing is decentralized taking technical aspects into account. The introduction of backup mechanisms and automatic resumption of the procedure also ensure correct functioning if there is a termination.


The job chain that is to be revised essentially controls programs written in PL/1, although some are created with CSP. Added to this is a precise analysis of the utility programs used in the JCL, including the specified parameters and their effects on the data. These are mainly stored in VSAM files, some of which are several decades old. The design of the data stocks is characterized by the use of multiple data record descriptions per file, which together map a higher level topic from a functional perspective. From a technical perspective, therefore, they represent a rather hierarchical database. Pre- and post-conditions and all controlling-relevant parameters for the job stream in undisturbed operation and in the event of a termination are specified in the scheduler (CONTROLM here).

Technical description:

The processing of core tasks in a commercial enterprise, such as order processing, parts of the inventory, scheduling, invoicing and posting goods, is the responsibility of a system that has grown up over decades. The prevailing technical hardware requirements at the time, limited resources and the style of software development are the reasons for the close interdependence between the individual work steps, some of which are functionally independent. Suitable measures have to be taken so that the failure of one of these work steps no longer leads to the complete failure of the part of the nightly batch processing that is considered business critical. On the basis of an intensive analysis of the programs, processes and dependencies, the job chain is restructured according to functional criteria and divided up into smaller, self-contained units. Upstream backup mechanisms for the data to be processed guarantee that, in the event of a termination, the processing continues correctly.