Short description:

Design and development of a system for identifying, managing and controlling bonuses for dealers in relation to specified target sales figures and meeting of targets. The sales data is imported via an ODBC interface. Target/actual comparisons and performance comparison of the participating dealers can be made using screens or reports.


The application is implemented entirely within the Access standard framework. The system can process currencies in the DM and EURO formats. They are converted automatically.

Technical description:

Sales-related remuneration of dealers requires target agreements for sales, recording of sales figures and a target/actual comparison. A new software development creates a set of instruments that supports monitoring of vehicles sold, including payment of the vehicle, and the setting and paying of bonuses. The system makes it possible to examine the target and actual sales figures by quarter and by year. In addition to the market share trends for individual business areas and quality characteristics (e.g. customer satisfaction), these sales figures represent the criteria for a multi-level bonus award system. One of the application's core functions is to generate various reports. These include the target/actual comparison for individual dealers and a comparison of the dealers' performance relative to one another.