Short description:

The tasks of the transmission provider in the area of data updating and exchange are increasing and require routine tasks to be processed as automatically as possible. The project includes the provision of a configurable job control including dialogs for job configuration and control as well as for execution control and, last but not least, connection to a notification system (initially by e-mail), which in the event of errors will inform the job managers about necessary measures.


The transmission provider processes the EEG using a Java-based distributed application with the Apache TomEE application server and Oracle as the database. The configuration and monitoring of the job control takes place by means of new dialogs to be created in the client application and corresponding structures to be set up in the database, the execution at configured times takes place on the application server, results are logged in the database.

Technical description:

According to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), a transmission provider has the following responsibilities: (a) Discharge and reimbursement of the energy received by the distribution system operators within the transmission provider's control area, as defined by EEG, and the accruing market premiums in the case of direct marketing. (b) Recording the energy received (quantity and chronological sequence) and the reimbursement payments made. (c) Horizontal adjustment: Adjusting the received energy and the reimbursements provided among the 4 transmission providers in Germany. (d) Marketing the energy remaining with the transmission provider after horizontal adjustment. (e) Proportionate distribution of the incurred costs to all electricity supply companies supplying end consumers within its control area.