Short description:

With the help of a complex Excel worksheet, input parameters (e.g. cost of fuels, capital costs) are used to calculate key figures that are relevant to the operation of power plants (e.g. cash flow).


By varying the parameters, it is possible to identify the effects of the individual parameters on the key figures. The customer uses this application for sales support, because it enables the customer to provide selling points to its target customers (power plant operators).

Technical description:

The customer works in the field of optimizing or servicing power plants. Operative data, such as fuel consumption, maintenance costs and capital costs, is provided by the power plant operator. This data is used as the basis for the calculation. In talks with the power plant operator, the customer attempts to demonstrate the effect of specific optimization measures on overall costs. One possible result, for example, could be demonstrating that modernizing the turbines would be of great benefit to the power plant operator.