Development of a BIM collaboration tool for construction projects, with browser-based front end. Back-end services and infrastructure are cloud-based, by means of Microsoft Azure. The most important functions include a high-quality 3D viewer (WebGL), messaging functions, user management/authentication/authorization (Azure Active Directory), project management functions, uploading/downloading models.


The development takes place entirely on a cloud basis: WebApp, VM, Azure Active Directory, Visual Studio Team Services. The front end uses THREEjs (WebGL) and Angular2. PTA helps select the platform and carries out implementation of the application. MS Azure was chosen for the following reasons: The software is used by many users simultaneously, and peak loads can be expected during normal office hours - (horizontal) scalability of the infrastructure in both directions is therefore very important. The optimum integration of MS Azure into the software tools used, and the quick and easy option of creating and combining a wide variety of services (WebApp, Active Directory, Source Code Management, Continuous Deployment etc.) enable short development times with immediately apparent results, in addition to making it possible to focus on the actual function of the application thanks to extensive automation of infrastructure-related tasks.


BIM (building information modeling) is a comprehensive approach to planning, executing and operating construction projects throughout the project's entire life cycle. Cooperation between all project participants at various points in this life cycle is an important aspect of this procedural model. The software we developed is intended to support coordination and communication between project participants, e.g. via the option of combining different (partial) models in the viewer, or sending notifications with specific orders (and tracking processing of these orders).