The aim of this project is to prepare the next version upgrade of the Endur standard software used by the customer to version 17 by analysing and simplifying the extension scripts together with the users. In addition, since AVS is no longer supported in higher versions of Endur, all necessary scripts must be rewritten to JVS.


Since the AVS programming language previously used in the Endur environment will no longer be supported by OpenLink and in order to minimize the effort for future version upgrades, the solutions created so far are to be analyzed and, if possible, simplified. In the first step, an inventory is carried out to identify the scripts still in use. In the next step, the respective solutions will be grouped thematically in order to discuss them with the corresponding business users. The aim is to remove any unused functionality from the scripts and, in the same step, to achieve a conversion to the more recent scripting language JVS. This conversion varies depending on the degree of complexity and must be estimated for prioritization. All scripts identified as no longer needed are archived.


Streamlining of the system and the depicted processes by using the current script language JVS. Simultaneous provision of further support by the manufacturer in higher Endur versions. By reducing the scope of existing scripts, maintenance and testing effort will also be reduced.