Short description:

The customer sells a part of his company and needs to transfer a business unit (venture) into its own organizational units in SAP in preparation for the sale of the company. The PTA takes on the entire conception and implementation of the project. This includes the creation and assignment of organizational units in financial accounting, controlling, sales and materials management. Based on this, the process variants are set ('fine tuning'), the Adobe Forms are configured (print and e-mail) and, finally, after a successful implementation the old organizational unit is deactivated. In addition, support is provided with the master data migration and the tests.


A venture exists as an distribution channel in SAP and has to be transferred to a new company code, sales area and a new purchasing organization. For this purpose, the project plan is discussed with the IT and business department, process variants are defined and the schedule is worked out. Then the implementation takes place in close coordination with the customer. Controlling represents an important part, which must be adapted accordingly for the new organizational unit.

Technical description:

The ventures defined as sales channels in SAP are individual companies in the group and are sold when they are ready for the market. For this it is necessary that the SAP structure is adapted to the organizational changes.