Short description:

On the basis of the customer's technical concept, an application is created for managing and processing complaints. This helps the customer to improve customer service by processing complaints more efficiently.


A prototype is created to form the basis for discussions with the department. The application is implemented on the basis of the PTA standard framework for MS Access to enable trouble-free porting to an RDBMS (Progress) at a later time. The expandable creation of MS Word documents is taken into account in the data model, so that new document templates can be integrated simply into the system. In addition to the data processing concept and the implementation, user training courses are conducted at the customer's site.

Technical description:

The application supports the entire cycle of a complaint, from recording the complaint notification, through technical processing (error checking and classification), to commercial processing (cost assignment). Each complaint receives a graphic indication of the complaint status and includes a certificate detailing how long it was in each processing stage. Correspondence with the customer is supported by standardized document templates (MS Word 97).