Short description:

The client is provided with support in configuring and testing their product information system (PIM). This entails the review of the program functionalities and quality of the data, as well as providing mappings and transformation rules needed for data exports.


The main task of this project is the configuration of the PIM system which is being developed by the clients own IT-department in order to enable the export of data in various formats. The PIM system is based upon the open-source framework named PIMcore and has been customized to fit the clients individual needs. New requirements are coordinated with the IT-department and tested after their implementation.

Technical description:

The data needed for the different export formats is selected and if necessary transformed using mapping tables or basic 'if-then-else' statements, which can be implemented by the user. This task requires attention to the export format as well as the quality of the data. In cases of anomalies the clients technical department is informed.