Short description:

Capturing leads and contacts in the MS Dynamics CRM system, a double opt-in is required for marketing consent via email. The status of the consent (requested and granted) should be stored in MS Dynamics at the customer. To send the so-called DOI email, we create a connection of MS Dynamics with the email marketing solution Inxmail. In Inxmail, the status of the consent (customer has confirmed / has not yet confirmed) is kept and retrieved by MS Dynamics on a regular basis.


The new leads and contacts are collected in MS Dynamics and transferred in bulk to Inxmail on a regular basis via REST interface. There they are collected in a list and a DOI email is sent to each email address. When the email recipient clicks the confirmation link in the email, this information with timestamp is saved in Inxmail. From MS Dynamics, we regularly retrieve the email addresses that have clicked the confirmation link and note this information on the lead/contact as granted marketing consent.

Technical description:

We use the REST interface of Inxmail for the connection of MS Dynamics. We have decided to push the data to Inxmail and to poll the granted consents from Inxmail. Inxmail itself does not push data to MS Dynamics. Only with granted and verifiable marketing consent may a company enter into promotional contact with the customer. The DOI procedure via email is the common procedure for proving this consent.