Short description:

The calculation kernel for pricing private health insurance (PKV) contracts, which was previously delivered under Windows / Linux / zOS, is to be provided via a web service in the AWS cloud. Deployment on the different platforms is therefore no longer necessary. This leads to cost savings and faster release cycles. The calculation kernel written in C++ must be encapsulated in a web service written in Java and deployed in the cloud.


Up to now, the calculation kernel has been delivered in three different environments. The Windows clients of the clerks call the locally installed calculation kernel for contribution calculation and other processes. As part of the dark processing of the applications submitted by insurance representatives, the calculation kernel is called in a Linux environment. There are various batch processes on the host, such as premium adjustments, dynamization of additional nursing care tariffs or calculation of reserves, which call the calculation kernel. In order to simplify and reduce the computing time on the host (cost savings), the calculation kernel should only be executed in a Linux environment in the AWS cloud within an application server (WebSphere Liberty) and made available to all platforms. The callers of the computing kernel must be switched so that not a local but the cloud calculation kernel is called. This should be done with as few changes as possible in order to minimize conversion costs and risks.

Technical description:

A large number of business processes are mapped and supported via the calculation kernel. For example, the calculation kernel can calculate the contributions of an application, determine possible tariff changes and the resulting risk surcharges. In addition, premium adjustments can be carried out, transfer values can be determined when the insurance company changes, or reserves can be calculated.