Short description:

As part of the abolition of the EEG levy obligation (Renewable Energy Sources Act), numerous rule changes are to be implemented in various machine-supported algorithms. The project includes the identification and specification of associated modifications and the dismantling and conversion of associated database functions, adjustments to both the EEG2.0 application and the EEG Internet portal as well as the formulation and maintenance of corresponding error message and information texts and, if necessary, the workflow controls dependent on correspondingly modified test results.


The EEG is processed by the transmission system operator using a Java-based, distributed application with the Apache TomEE application server and Oracle as the database, and by its customers as part of its EEG portal with the Apache Tomcat web server and Oracle as the database.

Technical description:

According to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), a transmission system operator has the following responsibilities, among others: (a) Acceptance and remuneration of the energy absorbed by the distribution system operators (DSOs) within its control area in accordance with the EEG. (b) Recording the energy purchased (quantity and over time) and the remuneration payments made. (c) Balancing the energy purchased and the remuneration paid between the four TSOs in Germany. (d) Marketing of EEG feed-ins on an energy exchange. (e) Allocation of costs to all electricity supply companies supplying the final consumer within its control area.