Short description:

A new software solution developed by PTA for securities processing offers the user optimum process support for handling securities transactions. This makes the recording of securities submissions more efficient and thus saves time. In the current quarter, additional optimizations and enhancements to functional requirements will be made.


The optimizations and enhancements of functional requirements include the creation of statements and receipts in *.txt and *.pdf format, the extended or optimized display of data in the user interface (e.g. accounts, amounts and notes), the determination and correction of cent differences, as well as the re-release of securities in the event of non-settlement.

Technical description:

The newly developed application supports the processing of securities transactions. This includes the submission of interest and dividend coupons as well as securities due. In this context, the program creates posting records to execute the payments. The application generates a receipt for each payment, which is sent to the customer. The aforementioned support services optimize all of these processes.