Short description:

The central master data application maps most of the business processes for the customer as metering point operator and supplier. The system can be operated client-dependently. For the client Austria, it is necessary to maintain the future viability depending on the requirements of the Austrian energy market.


The basic processes of the master data application are the collection and management of master data for the customer's daily business. These are automatically reconciled with adjacent consuming internal systems. The master data application includes job control of ongoing processing for day-to-day business in the energy market, cost calculation for purchasing and sales, invoicing and posting against SAP, and provision of data for other systems such as the client's internal incoming document system and energy information system. For the client Austria, the requirements of the Austrian energy market are taken into account for costing and booking. The central master data application is a system programmed with Visual Studio and C#-.NET code, whose data basis lies in an SQL database.

Technical description:

In particular, the following subtasks are handled in this project: Invoicing process (e.g. budget billing requests, settlements) depending on the due date set per customer, document creation in customer billing, posting processes for the own company code and the corresponding service company codes in SAP, company code release according to the specifications of the specialist department, cost center release and reconciliation of the missing master data for the SAP accounts payable.