Short description:

The project goal is the nationwide standardized collection and evaluation of contract data as well as its consolidation and historization. This is realized via website within the framework of legal requirements and deadlines. The client-capable website consists of the areas of registration and user administration, data entry of master data and contract data, plausibility checks and evaluations. The entries as well as contract changes trigger case-dependent notifications to different groups of recipients. The user group consists of around 35,000 contract partners and the data is updated annually.


The master data is merged from different sources (different files, manual entry) as well as automatically cleaned up. In addition, upload/download functions are available for files; the total volume is in the double-digit GByte range annually. A special project challenge is the adherence to legally prescribed deadlines and a flexible, sustainable and pragmatic approach with regard to the variable catalog of requirements up to go-live.

Technical description:

The web application is based on a two-tier, service-oriented architecture. The development takes place in ASP .NET with C#, based on the .NET 4.7.2 framework. The application is planned as a modular and extensible Internet application, so that an extension is possible around the input and maintenance of information by the respective contract sides as a multi-user system.