Short description:

The MS Dynamics app for contribution margin accounting is an important step towards a key figure-driven control of the customer company. With MS Dynamics CRM and Business Central, processes are automated and standardized from load receipt to order. When the energy systems are installed on site, it is decided how much contribution margin an order actually generates. The app aggregates all revenue-relevant data for an order, and the intelligent breakdown of real labor costs enables us to precisely determine the contribution margin. This makes it possible to identify cases where there is potential for improvement. By persisting the orders, a 'data warehouse light' is created and the results are visualized in PowerBI and made available to the operational units for control purposes.


In the newly created MS Dynamics contribution margin accounting app, the data from the CRM for order creation and planning of employees is merged with the booked working times from the external time recording system TimR and the ERP system Business Central with the real invoiced costs for wages and materials in one app. PTA develops the interfaces and implements the logic of the calculation.

Technical description:

The app reads the data from the various systems and links them via the order. The data for employee planning comes from CRM, the booked working times of the employees from TimR, and the materials processed at the installation site and flat rates for material and labor costs come from Business Central. Invoiced flat rates for materials and wages are then compared with the actual materials used and times worked at the installation site. In the app, a separate overview is available for each job with various tabs and sections that map the various raw data and aggregate them into sections according to defined logics. In the future, the data can be pulled by PowerBI and visually prepared for management.