Short description:

The customer's incoming document system is an application for recording and validating supplier incoming documents such as invoices, budget billing requests and reminders. E-Control Austria provides an electronic file format with which incoming invoices can be transmitted in digital form. For this purpose, the files are stored by billers on FTP servers and retrieved and processed by the customer as the bill recipient.


Analogous to the German EDIFACT procedure, the incoming document entry system is extended to the effect that electronic invoices in the XML format of E-Control Austria for the gas division can also be imported from the customer's own Biztalk server. During processing, automatic partial amount and energy data entry as well as validation against data from the customer's central master data application and energy information system are a key component. The distribution network operators are contacted step by step as test partners of the customer.

Technical description:

E-Control's XML format for electronic invoices is used in different ways by network operators in the Austrian market. The format offers a wide range of uses, such as the creation of annual bills, monthly bills, the request for future installment amounts, and the clearing of credit balances and receivables. Some documents are supplied with or without energy quantities with associated OBIS codes, and additional information such as calorific value factor or condition number is also transmitted for gas bills. Due to the different uses of the format, extensive testing is done.