Short description:

For a web-based frontend, a calculation is to be carried out in the backend. The different XML interfaces must be mapped to each other in this process.


When calling the backend, the XML interface of the frontend must be mapped to the (much more extensive) XML interface of the backend. The Java programme required for this takes the XML of the frontend, converts it into an equivalent XML for the backend. Then the desired calculation kernel is called and its response in the form of a result XML is then converted back into the format of the frontend so that the result can be displayed. The solution is desired in the form of an integrated Chrome application, as this does not restrict the circle of users and significantly reduces the effort.

Technical description:

The programme was an 'integrated Chrome application' that used the Chrome browser together with JavaScript and HTML as the front end. The computing core in C++ was integrated as a DLL, the Java programme was called by the Chrome using JavaScript. Both components were developed independently of each other, the processing of the XML in the C++ programme was considered too time-consuming, so the communication was to run via the Java-based XML converter.